Journals, Newspapers and Media Portals

«Халқ сўзи».
This website of "State daily" is available in both Cyrillic Uzbek and Latin Uzbek languages. Current and past issues of the newspaper in PDF format. PDF issues of the newspaper are published daily with four to six pages and are available free of charge in both Cyrillic Uzbek and Russian languages. Link to PDF.


"Science Magazine of Samarkand State University". 
This journal has been published annually since 2016 with six issues. The languages of the magazine are Uzbek in Cyrillic or Latin script, English and Russian. The humanities section of the journal contains articles on Uzbek culture. Free access to the PDF issues.


“Oltin bitiglar” 
Journal of the state university. Currently, some issues are available in PDF format. The languages of the journal are Uzbek in Latin script, English and Russian. This journal publishes articles on the culture of Uzbeks and Turkic peoples in Central Asia. 


Usbekistan online


Uzbekistan National News Agency (UzA)
State News Agency. This website is available in several languages. The Uzbek version of the site is available in both Cyrillic and Latin script.


News website of a private agency. This website has an Uzbek version in Cyrillic and Latin script, a Russian version and an English version.