Eskimo-Alёut Languages

The Eskimo-Alёut languages are spoken in Siberia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland.
Research tends to classify them as Palaeoasiatic languages. For geographic and linguistic reasons these languages and peoples are also part of our project.

The term "Eskimo" continues to be used in scientific context  (read more here).
It refers to following groups, that speak related languages:

  • Yuit (Naukan, Sirenik)
  • Yupik
  • Alёut
  • Inupiat
  • Inuit


Search in the OPAC Göttingen (GUK) and GVK with following codes

  • spr kal (Greenlandic, Kalaallisut)
  • spr ale (Aleut)
  • spr ipk (Inupiaq, Inupik)
  • spr iku (Inuktitut)
  • spr ypk (Yupik)