Central Asia & Siberia Specialized Information Service

"Central Asia - Autochthonous Cultures and Languages"

The Central Asia & Siberia (CASSIB) Specialized Information Service "Central Asia - Autochthonous Cultures and Languages", funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), provides literature and information on the autochthonous peoples of Central Asia and Siberia on a supra-regional basis since January 1st, 2019. We address scholars in the Humanities and Cultural Studies who deal with Central Asia and Siberia.

We are specialized in


The aim of the Central Asia and Siberia (CASSIB) Specialized Information Center is to collect information from cultural sciences and the humanities on indigenous peoples of Central Asia and Siberia and to offer it central and freely accessible on a supra-regional level. 
We want to actively support research in and on these regions by developing networks and by offering up-to-date and transparent information.

Our focus

  • Linguistics (Altaic and Paleoasiatic Languages)
  • Ethnology (Social and Cultural Anthropology) of Central Asia and Siberia, also in historical perspective 
  • Literature and Literary Studies in and on the autochthonous languages of the following regions:  Central Asian Republics, Sinkiang (Xinjiang), Siberia, and of the Mongolian peoples

Nationwide provision

A permanent provision and development of print and digital media is important for all disciplines that need data from Central Asia and Siberia for their research. Since digital media are often only accessible on the Internet for a short period of time, they are archived in cooperation with the CRL and Archive.It, and catalogued and indexed by us.
Political and structural changes in these regions often have a strong influence on the access to printed and digital literature. We aim to reflect the diversity of languages and cultures in these multi-ethnic states and regions by providing:

  • print media
  • online publications
  • Central Asian websites 
  • digital databases 
  • International networking of research institutions with focus on Central Asia and Sibiria in workshops and conferences. Current trends in Central Asian Studies are published in our conference proceedings.