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Oral Tales of Mongol Bards

The project Oral Tales of Mongolian Bards” is devoted to the internet publication of eighteen oral tales performed by bards of eastern Inner Mongolia, including four epic poems and fourteen tales based on Chinese adventure novels, known as quγur-un üliger “tales of the fiddle”, viz. tales accompanied by the music of the four-stringed fiddle ( quγur, huur). The tales form a portion of a large collection of tales, oral histories of bards, and ritual songs of Qorčin (Horchin) Mongol shamans. The collection is currently preserved at the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts in Düsseldorf. Eleven of the tales are provided with long English summaries, five of them with commentaries, while seven tales are made available with short summaries. (Page in English)

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