Xinjiang Minority Language Newspapers Digitization Project

(in English)

The Harvard Library’s catalog HOLLIS contains parts of the Göttingen collection of Xinjiang newspapers 1940–1970.
Because of German copyright law we cannot put the digitalized newspapers online on our server for now. We are looking for solutions.


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Xinjiang Newspaper (in Uyghur, in Kazakh)

Xinjiang Newspaper (in Mongolian)

Newspaper of Yili District (E-paper in Chiese, Uyghur and Kazakh)

Newspaper of the District Tarabağatay (in Kazakh)

Newspaper of the District Altay(E-paper, in Kazakh)

Weekly newspaper of Uyghurs in Kazakhstan (Uyghur in Cyrillic script)

Uyghur daily newspaper from Kazakhstan