Purchase suggestion

If you would like to propose an important title from the subject areas of Altaic, Siberian, and Palaeo-Asian Languages for Central and East Asia at the SUB Göttingen and would like to suggest this title for acquisition, please provide us with the bibliographical information (author, title, etc.) We will then check whether the title can be acquired and will order it is possible. Please use  the form purchase suggestion.

For students: Quick acquisition of books for written theses

If you, as a student at the University of Göttingen, need for your written papers or dissertations an important book that is still available in bookshops, you can order it within the framework of a project by using study quality resources. We will then procure the book and make it avaliabel to you within a short time.

Please use the book request form for students.

This does not apply to books required for the preparation of dissertations.