Mongolian and Manchu-Tungus Literature at the State-and University-Library Goettingen

Within the framework of the special collection “Altaic and palaeoasiatic languages, literatures and cultures” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for now over four decades tens of thousands of titles in the different Mongolian and Manchu-Tungus languages have been bought and are now part of the State- and University Library in Goettingen. In addition there are Mongolian and Oirat manuscripts and prints, mainly from the 18th century, in the v. Asch collection, which holds also rich material from Siberia and the Middle East. The Central Asia & Siberia (CASSIB) Specialized Information Service keeps on collecting Mongolian and Manchu-Tungus literature. How to search for it in the online-catalogue of the State- and University Library in Goettingen

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