Multiethnic Societies of Central Asia and Siberia

NEW DATE: 2-4. November 2021

Conference "Multiethnic Societies of Central Asia and Siberia Represented in Indigenous Oral and Written Literature – The Role of Private Collections, Archives and Libraries"
at the SUB Goettingen

As the Corona pandemic is dragging on, we have decided that conditions do not allow holding an international conference in November 2020. Germany has been fortunate to avoid the worst, and now that the pandemic is receding, society is gradually opening up again. However, with travel restrictions for several countries still in place and a second wave feared by epidemiologists, holding the conference this November appears too risky. We decided that the conference will be postponed by one year to November 2-4, 2021.

We apologise for these complications, which are caused by forces beyond our control. We hope that all who had committed themselves to the conference in 2020 will also do so for November 2021.




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